Just a few words to my past girlfriend

von BlackxNeko


Remember the 19th?
This one special day?
You left me alone
for a real stupid reason.
Not really for long,
but long enough to crush my brain.
It´s a half year ago
and I already left you.
Still, you hope I´ll forgive.
You hope I´ll forget.
You hope I´ll take you back,
after you ruined my life.
When I was still with you,
just half a year ago,
I just agreed with each word you said.
Called myself useless.
Called myself rude.
Overall wrong.

No wonder the people warned me of you.
They warned me you´re crazy.
Told me you´re insane.
I just did not listen,
listened only to you.
Now, look at yourself,
you manipulative b****.


Das hier ist weniger ein Gedicht als vielmehr ein paar Worte.
Ich wollte sie an das Mädchen richten, mit dem ich vor kurzem noch zusammen war.
Eine kleine Methode von mir, das ganze zu verarbeiten.


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